Sports Day


The warmth sunshine fell upon the proceedings of the well organized Hfs Preschool Sports Day on Thursday, 15th February in the Girls Campus ground.

The bright and colourful decorated ground seemed quite attractive. The stage looked visually appealing with a sparkling backdrop and winners’ positions. Fully covered tent provided a cool shade with the judges’ table on one side. Students were settled neatly in rows on both sides of the white lined track. The student discipline and management were commendable!

The sports day commenced with a colourful PE display. JM and SL students were highly spirited while participating in the sports day. A variety of races were planned which the students took delight in doing. The obstacle, monkey , frog , train and the most awaited tug of war races were held. The energetic students electrified the atmosphere and emotions ran high as the winners were announced.

There was a close competition among the three houses with their house mates and teachers cheering them on. After the judges’ decision, the management and heads awarded the medals to the first, second and third position holders. The students’ joy was unmatched as they received their medals and they waved their hands excitedly in the air!

Finally, the time came for the announcement of the winning house. All held on with abated breath as it was announced. Green house was declared the winning house which was awarded a trophy . A wave of jubilation spread through both the participants and teachers as they congratulated one another on this well deserved victory, Mashallah!

Heartfelt appreciation to all the heads, staff and sports teachers who whole heartedly organized this energising event with the foremost aim of the physical wrll being on its students.