A-Level Program

A Level Admission in Karachi-HFS


Hira Foundation School offers a unique blend of educational program with Islamic standards. In the conducive environment, Hfs is pleased to announce admissions in A level program for the academic year 2019 -2020.

We are inviting registrations and queries from interested parents. We hope to make this as smooth a process for you as possible.

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First round of admissions will be conducted on the following dates for the session 2019-2020:

  • Applications open: May 28th, 2019, between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Applications close: June 21st, 2019, between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Fridays & Sundays will be off.

In general, the profile of a strong candidate is a student who has A grades and 75% attendance in school from classes 9 – 11 and a history of scoring A*/A in O Levels. He or she is motivated, responsible, goal-oriented, mature, and community-minded.


  • Application forms are available at Hira Foundation School admission office.
  • Complete the form and submit it with all documents to the admission office.


Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  • Four recent passport-sized colour photographs of applicant.
  • Attested photocopies of applicant's school reports:
Classes 9, 10 & 11:mid-year and final reports (attested by the applicant's current school)
  • Attested photocopies of certificates of applicant's O’ Levels already taken.
  • A signed copy of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Hira Foundation School.
  • Sealed teacher’s recommendation, preferably in applicant's elective subject or related pre-requisite(s).
  • A sealed principal’s report, which applicant’s school may mail to HFS directly.
  • If applicant is applying for any of these subjects please provide us one of your dated and graded Class 11 English essays:
English Languag
English Literature


  • Once HFS has processed applications, we hold an interview process in August (dates subject to change).
  • If an applicant is selected for an interview, he / she will receive a call from the school. Whether or not they are called for an interview does not reflect on an applicant’s ultimate chance for admission to Hira Foundation School.
  • Admission Offer Letter will be dispatched towards the end of August 2019 (dates subject to change).

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