A woodcutter story

Student Name: Bushra Saeed
Grade: VI HIFZ

Once upon a time, there was a woodcutter named Abdullah. He lived with his two small sons in a small house. Abdullah was very poor but an honest and hard worker. He went to the forest to work in the morning and returned in the evening. One day he woke up early in the morning, he performed Fajar salaah then he took his axe and went to the forest. He started to find any suitable tree for cutting wood, but could find none. Abdullah became tired so he sat on a bench in front of a well full of water. Suddenly, he looked behind the bench so one suitable tree was there. Abdullah became happy and quickly climbed on the tree and started cutting the wood. Suddenly, his axe fell down from his hand and then in the well’s water.

Abdullah became very sad. He sat on the bench and started crying because he had only one axe, which was for cutting wood. Suddenly, the wind started blowing very fast and that time one beautiful fairy appeared from the well. Abdullah was amazed. The fairy asked him, “Why are you crying? ” Abdullah said, “Good fairy, my axe has fallen in the water and I do not have any other axe for cutting wood.” The fairy smiled and said, “Don’t worry! I will go in the water and take the axe from the water and the fairy gave the axe to the woodcutter. When he saw up the fairy was not present for a while he thought about the fairy, but then he forgot all about it and started his work but he was shocked that the wood cut down by one hit. He was very happy because the wood was cut easily and quickly soon he cut down many trees that everyone was amazed as he cut many trees in a day so soon he became the richest.


From this story we have lesson that hard work never fails. Allah (S.W.T) always helps those who work hard and with difficulty we should ask help from Allah (S.W.T).