Annual Sports Day – Elementary & Primary

It couldn’t have been a more apt day to arrange the Annual Sports Day of elementary and primary sections. This auspicious event was held on Thursday, 1st March in the pleasant and properly organized venue of Hfs Girls Campus ground.

The Sports Day commenced with a flower 🌸 display by grade 2 students who looked simply colourful and lit up the entire atmosphere with their amazing display. Certainly, the synchronisation was worth an applaud. The PE display was much in step too and the primary students were able to rivet the spectators to it.

The student excitement was unmatched as they participated in a variety of races including obstacle, relay, three legged and tug of war. The jubilation when awarded the medals🏅 brought smiles on everyone’s faces as the students cheered their houses.

The teachers and especially the sports teachers efforts were quite evident as the event being well organized. Hfs kept its legacy of discipline and decorum with a smooth flow of program till the culmination.

The respected director’s wife Mrs. Usmani and mother graced this special occasion with their presence awarded medals to the winners too.

Yellow House rose above the rest and bagged the most coveted trophy 🏆. Certainly, a victory to celebrate 🎉 Mashallah!

The sports day surely entertained and energised the participants who showcased a fine projection of unity and athletic prowess.