“Please. No, No!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

My emotions could not be fathomed when our father came with the pile of tickets and a good news that we were going to a Pakistan tour. At that moment! I shrieked with excitement. As the vacations were near, we dragged our baggage with a sigh of serenity and happiness mixed up together deep inside.

The dawn of the day was bright and sunny with the sky a deep blue flecked with tiny clouds. We were in high spirits as we travelled. With the screeches of tires, the train came to a halt and we all stood exuberant in wait to reach our desired destinations. After an agonising wait the long queue finally finished and our turn arrived. We bid farewell and boarded the train. Our first destination was Lahore. We enjoyed the amiable winds and the scenery of Lahore where we stayed for two days. We visited Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar Garden and Shahi Qila. After visiting the different cities on, we reached Islamabad.

Our last destination was Murree, we simply loved the snow, but there my parents asked me to sit in the chair lift with them. I had a flash back, I refused them once too before for climbing Margalla Hill, then I cajoled myself to overcome this phobia.

I agreed to sit in chair lift with my brother. As we were settling in the chairs, I first sat in the front seat waiting that my brother would sit too, but that moment he changed his seat,. I couldn’t do anything because we all needed to be seated. During the smooth journey of chair lift, it suddenly stopped and we all became worried. At the same point, there was a great height including gulfweed below. There was also an imminent danger of being attacked wild scavengers below. Everyone was in great danger and as for me, I was too afraid to utter a word. Fear gripped me and I didn’t dare move. I was sick to my stomach at the horrendous sight but after five to ten minutes, the chair lift restarted and we all took a sigh of relief and then thanked Allah for his mercy.

Nevertheless, from that day onwards , I decided that I would never climb or sit in anything from height because frequently people say that if we try to overcome fear it will be controlled, but when I tried, it totally turned opposite rather than it made me more fearful of heights and once again I had to admit that I had vertigo.

Kanzul Eman