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JM, SL1 & SL2 will be OFF EARLY

Girls Campus CR # 90 Dear Parents,  Date: April 25, 2019This is to inform that JM, SL1 & SL2 will be OFF EARLY on Saturday, 27th April at 11:00am. Kindly have your child picked up on the the aforementioned timing.HFS Management

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Study different types of insulators and conductors.

Grade: VSubject: ScienceObjective: Study different types of insulators and conductors.Material: Pictures of insulators and conductors, note books, gum sticks and scissors. Procedure:Students searched about different types of insulators and conductors which they used in our daily life and paste in their science notebooks. Insulators are those materials that cannot conduct heat and electricity whereas conductors

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Rubbing insulators can induce static electricity.

Grade : VSubject: Science Objective : Rubbing insulators can induce static electricity. Material:Ruler , pieces of paper , silk cloth Procedure: Plastic and ruler It has equal number of positive and negative charges but when students rub ruler with silk cloth it becomes charged. The charged ruler can then attract small pieces of paper. Reflection:

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Transparent, Translucent and Opaque

Grade: III Materials: Torch, aluminum foil, plastic sheet, tracing paper Objective: Students will be able to understand the types of material according to the passage of light. Procedure: Students passed the light from torch onto different materials and observed that whether light was passing through it or not. Reflection: Students enjoyed and enthusiastically observed that

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Negative/Positive Charges – Primary..

Objective:Negative and positive charges attract towards each other. Material: Balloon, tape and thread Procedure: Students charged an inflated balloon by rubbing it over their hair many times. The balloon will got negatively charged. The negative charged balloon was brought close to the wall and it stuck to the uncharged wall because opposite charges attract and

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Parts of Speech

Grade : II Topic: Creative Writing Objective: To re-enforce creative writing with “Parts Of Speech” and “Usage Of Tenses”. Material: A4 size coloured sheets. Procedure: Students used parts of speech and tenses in synthesis to produce pieces of writing. Teacher explained the application of simple nouns, verbs and adjectives with past tenses. Feedback/Reflection: Students were

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Celebrate Pakistan Day

Girls Campus  CR # 77 Dear Parents,Date: March 18, 2019  Hfs Primary has organized a special assembly on Thursday, 21st March to celebrate Pakistan Day. Students will come dressed in cultural costumes representing the different provinces. They will showcase the language, landmarks, food, clothes, accessories and facts unique to each province which are the essence

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Celebrating Pakistan Day on Thursday, 21st March

Girls Campus  CR # 82  Dear Parents,  Date: March 20, 2019  Hfs Elementary is celebrating Pakistan Day on Thursday, 21st March. Special activities are arranged to signify the importance of this day.  Students will come in green and white traditional dresses with scarf/cap. They can also bring white and green balloons for class decoration as

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Trip of Sunway Lagoon Water Park

(Boys Campus) Circular No. HFS-B/44-A/2019 Date: March 13, 2019 Assalam o Alaikum ! This is to inform you that excursion trip of Sunway Lagoon Water Park has been rescheduled on Thursday, 14th March, 2019 from Grade VI-R to A Levels. You are requested to drop your child at 8:00 am sharp and pick him back

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Animal Homes project activity

Girls Campus  CR # 74 Dear Parents,                                                                                            Date: March 13, 2019 Hfs Elementary has organised an Animal Homes project activity. Students will engage in crafts and make projects portraying different animal homes corresponding to the Social Development Goals (SDGs) # 14 – Life Below Water and # 15 – Life on Land.  They will present these projects

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