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Transport Information

Dear Parents, Date: August 09, 2017 As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Kindly fill in the transport information below and return this form to the class teacher. Student Name: Class: Van Driver's Name: Van Driver's Contact: If the child uses private transport: Student Name: Class: Section: Driver: Mother/Father/Private Transporter Person’s Name: Relation with student: Contact

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HFS Pre School Academic Fall Session Report 2013-2014

 The academic session commenced from 10th  June 2013 with the addition of grade VIII. The CIE registration process also started. The academic session of pre-school commenced on 10th June 2013. Orientation ceremony was held in June to strengthen parent-teachers’ relationships and to make them understand pedagogic so that they can help their child at home.

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