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Colours day and Animal Day

Pre-School Section Colour Festival and Result Day Activity Report Imparting education through activities has proven to be a better way of making the students understands a concept. We at HFS believe in activity based learning. For this purpose we plan different activities during our academics session. To make the students aware of colours, we celebrated […]

Timetable of Fall Assessment

PRE-SCHOOL DATE DAY CLASSES 21-11-2015 SATURDAY J.M 24-11-2015 TUESDAY S L I 25-11-2015 WEDNESDAY S L II SYLLABUS OF PRE-SCHOOL NOORANI QAIDA & TARBIYAH BOOK CLASS NOORANI QAIDA KALMAA AHADESS MASNOON DUA’S FIQH LESSON J.M Takhti no:1 ا تا ش 1ST with translate  1 to 3 withtranslate   1 to 5 Etiquette Of water & […]

Parent Teacher Meeting 5th September 2015

Dear Parents, Date: September 1, 2015 As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Parent teacher meeting is arranged for S.L.l to grade 10 on Saturday, 5th September 2015. The school will remain closed for the students of these classes. You are requested to be punctual so that you can meet the concerned teachers. Meeting time of […]

Uniform Circular

Dear Parents, As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Upon consistent requests from Parents, the following changes in school uniform were made: Regular shoes changed from white to black ( white shoes to be used in sports only). Socks white to blue. Tunic dress for Junior, S.L.l and S.L.ll. A line shirt for class l  onward. […]

Mid-Term Teacher Parent Meeting

January 15th, 2015 Dear Parents, Assalam o Alaikum. As you already know that due to unforeseen holidays and security condition all over the country the school was forced to close by the respective authorities due to which coverage of syllabus on time has become a great task for students and teachers both. Through this circular […]

DOWNLOAD Syllabus for class I to V

Please download the following link for syllabus from GRADE I to V with Urdu.   Jazak Allah HFS  

Assessment Time Table October 2014

MONTHLY TEST TIMETABLE FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER, 2014 CLASS I-A DATE DAY SUBJECT 27-10-14 MONDAY Arabic Computer 28-10-14 TUESDAY Urdu Islamiyat 29-10-14 WEDNESDAY Maths Env.Science 30-10-14 THURSDAY ————— English CLASS I-B DATE DAY SUBJECT 27-10-14 MONDAY Arabic Maths 28-10-14 TUESDAY Urdu computer 29-10-14 WEDNESDAY Islamiyat Env.Science 30-10-14 THURSDAY ————— English CLASS I-C DATE DAY […]

نظام الاوقات براۓ سالانہ امتحان شعبۂ قرآن۲

View نظام الاوقات براۓ میقات دوم ماہ اپریل  ۲۰۱۴ قرآن کریم /حفظ و ناظرہ جماعت تاریخ دن اوّل ۲۰۱۴/۴/۱۵  منگل دوم ۲۰۱۴/۴/۱۶ بدھ سوم ۲۰۱۴/۴/۱۷ جمعرات چہارم ۲۰۱۴/۴/۱۹ ہفتہ پنجم ۲۰۱۴/۴/۲۱ پیر ششم ۲۰۱۴/۴/۲۲ منگل                          ہشتم/ہفتم ۲۰۱۴/۴/۲۳ بدھ سوم حفظ ۲۰۱۴/۴/۲۴ جمعرات چہارم/پنجم/ششم حفظ ۲۰۱۴/۴/۲۶ ہفتہ   نصاب براۓ میقات دوم ماہ اپریل۲۰۱۴ نوٹ: […]

Test List “Registration 2014-15”

Veneu: Girls Campus S. No Receipt No. Form No. Reg. No Student Name Father & Mother  Name Class Date Time                   1 4469 108 R – 001/14 Maria Muhammad Anwar S.l One 7th February 2014 8:30am to 11:30 pm                 […]

Quran Time Table for Mid Exam

نظام الاوقات براۓ میقات اوّل ماہ دسمبر ۲۰۱۳ قرآن کریم /حفظ و ناظرہ VIEW [download label=”DOWNLOAD”][/download]