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Syllabus Outline for Half Yearly Exams Grade-III HIFZ

[download label=”DOWNLOAD”] [/download] ENGLISH: Unit#03 Till 07 All copy work will be included.   MATHS: Unit#01  Numbers to 10 000 Unit#02  Addition and subtraction witin 10 000 Unit#03  Length Unit#04   Mass Unit#05   Multiplication Unit#09   Bar Graph Unit#12   Angles Note:All work done in copy will be included. اردو: نظم:نعت،پاکستان ایک نعمت،بلو کا بستہ اسباق:فیصلہ،گرمی کی چھٹیاں،کھلونے،سوال […]


SESSION: 2013 – 2014 [download label=”DOWNLOAD”][/download] Respected Parents, Assalam-O-Alaikum Half yearly examinations schedule is given below. You are recommended to provide conducive environment to your child(ren) which help them to prepare themselves in the best and efficient manner. The scheme of studies of each subject has been explained to all the students. Please ensure that […]

Visit the detailed profile of our great schalor Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani

Justice Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani is a leading scholar of Islamic jurisprudence. He is considered to be the intellectual leader of the Deobandi movement. He specialises in Islamic jurisprudence and financial matters and presented a paper in January 2010’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos, entitled, “Post-Crisis Reforms: Some Points to Ponder”. readmore…

Syllabus for Mid Term Examination 2013

[headline] Grade -VIII, VII, VI, V, Extensive, VI Hifz [/headline] View [download label=”Download”] [/download]

Forth Monthly Test TimeTable [Girls Campus]

ASSESSMENT TIMETABLE FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2013 CLASS V HIFZ Dear Parents, Assalam-o-Alaikum Fourth monthly test schedule is given below. The scheme of studies of each subject has been explained to all the students. Please ensure that your child brings complete stationery kit. DATE DAY SUBJECT 23-Nov-13 Saturday Mathematics 25-Nov-13 Monday Urdu 27-Nov-13 Wednesday […]

4th Monthly Test Schedule [Boys Campus]

[headline]Grade V – Fourth Monthly test 2013-14[/headline] 19th Nov 20th Nov 21st Nov 23rd Nov SST Arabic English Computer Math Science Islamiat Urdu [headline]Grade VI– Fourth Monthly test 2013-14[/headline] 18th Nov 19th Nov 20th Nov 21st Nov 23rd Nov Arabic Computer English Math Urdu SST Science Islamiat [headline]Grade VII– Fourth Monthly test 2013-14[/headline] 18th Nov […]

Admission Procedure

[headline]Required Documents for Registration[/headline] B Form Eight pictures of child (size 1”x1”) Attested photo copies of parents’ CNIC Age Criteria for Pre-School Note: Child’s age must meet to the criteria of Age as mentioned below. CLASS AGE Juniors Must be 2.5 – 3 years on  August  2014 Senior Level I Must be 3 – 3.5 […]


Students of HIRA FOUNDATION SCHOOL participated in the ROYAL COMMON WEALTH COMPETITION 2013. Four students participated namely – Sundus Fatima, Saleha Faryal, Sundus Fatima and Nazia Abbasi. This was the first time that our students participated in an International competition and we are very glad to share that one of the participant has been awarded […]

Parent Teachers Meeting held on Saturday 26th Oct-2013

Dear Parents, Assalam-O-Alaikum ! It is to inform you that due to Parent Teachers Meeting held on Saturday 26th October’2013, Boys Campus will remain close for academic students only. Hifz classes will continue as per timetable. Wassalam, Imran Siddiqui Campus Incharge Hira Foundation School A Division of Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi Dated: 24th Oct 2013 […]

Syllabus outline for 2nd monthly test – Grade “II”

[download label=”Download”]–-Grade-“II”.pdf[/download] SESSION: 2013 – 2014 ENGLISH: II  Unit # 4 (English MacMillan book) II  NOTE:  Learn all work done in copy, practice book and language book.   MATHS: II  Dividing by 2 and 3 II  Money II  NOTE:  All work done in book 2A &2B with copy  is included.   SCIENCE: II  Unit #4 […]