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Assalsmualaikum Dear Parents & Students, We welcome you wholeheartedly to the HFS Online School Program. As responsible individuals, we need to take certain steps to ensure that decorum and discipline are maintained in the online school system. This will enable everyone to accomplish the academic targets effectively and smoothly inshallah. Own the Educational Goals Be

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HFS ONLINE SCHOOL PROGRAM LEARNING HAS NO BOUNDARIES Assalamualikum As committed, HFS opens its online school doors to all the parents and students. We welcome you all back warmly and remotely amidst the ongoing COVID-19 scenario. It is indeed a fact that we miss our physical school connection but have tried our utmost to keep

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Academic Strategy 2 & Session Resumption (2019-20)

Assalamualikum The Academic session 2019-20 has been fraught with many changes and challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic scenario. The abrupt and rapid waves of uncertainty have been created and felt not only in our country but worldwide. Now, that we come to terms with the ongoing situation and try to best manage

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Extended due date is already passedPls Clear school dues before / by 21 May to avail 20% discountNO DISCOUNT will be applicable after extended due date (21 May)*Kindly ignore if fee has already been paidHFS MANAGEMENTT:  021 3512 3007T:  021 3504 0933M: 0317 300 1122

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Fee Notice for Discount

Fee Notice Fee challans (with Discount) for the month of May 2020 has been generated. Please clear school dues by or before 15 May. Kindly *Note* that the discount facility will be valid till due date. After due date a normal fees will be charged. Pls. Login to parent portal to get revised challan or

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IMPORTANT NOTICE – Subject: Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee Notice Download Respected Parents, Hira Foundation School is a non-profit organization working under umbrella of Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi. We are Cambridge based school system and already charging 30% less tuition fee in compare with other schools. Hira Foundation always acts in compliance with the directives of the regulatory bodies. In the recent

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Consent Form for CAIE 2020

Date:   11.04.2020      Consent Form for CAIE 2020 DOWNLOAD FORM Dear Parents, Assalam o Alaikum! As per your knowledge, the CAIE O & A level examinations have been cancelled worldwide in May/June 2020. In this regard, we seek your consent on the procedure through which you like your child’s progress to be graded. We currently

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CAIE Examinations 2020

Subject: CAIE Examinations 2020 Dear Parents & Students, We, at Hira Foundation School, communicate to you in a challenging time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As you know many statements have been released by CAIE and our Government related to the Pakistan CAIE May/June 2020 examinations. Rest assured, we are in contact with the concerned British

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Rescheduled Timetable for third Assessment 2020 Grade : I

Note: The Syllabus will be same given earlier. Date/Day Subject 17-03-2020 Tuesday English 18-03-2020 Wednesday Urdu 19-03-2020 Thursday Math, Arabic 21-03-2020 Saturday Science, Islamiyat

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Rescheduled Timetable for third Assessment 2020 Grade : II

Assalamualaikum Dear Parents, kindly find attached the 3rd Assessment Revised Schedule for the Grades 1 & 2. The syllabi will be the same as given earlier. Kindly prepare your child accordingly. Wassalam Hfs Management Date/Day Subject 17-03-2020 Tuesday Islamiyat (For grade IIF & IIG) Urdu 18-03-2020 Wednesday Maths Computer 19-03-2020 Thursday Arabic 21-03-2020 Saturday English

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