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Poem on Pardah

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ماں Poem

Download ماں ماں ایک خوبصورت احساس ہے۔ایک ایسی پناہ گاہ  ہے جہاں انسان دنیا   جہاں سے چپھکر  اپنے آپ کو محفوظ سمجھتا ھے کہ اس کو دینا کی کوئ تکلیف چھوکر بھی نھیں گزرسکتی۔  اس رشتے کی سچائ اور معنویت سے انکار ممکن نھیں ہے اپنی ہر بات بلاجھجک ہم ماں سےکہہ سکتے ہیں۔  اسی

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Lunch time (poem) by Sundus Fatima

Oh for the hated period of lunchtime… All the pupils together in baking sunshine, Heard that sunshine is good for health, But Can we please tell you how a sunshine touch hurts, Observe with us here in HFS what we see Children protect themselves from the sun behind a tree This teaches us to stop

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I wish I were a Pigeon [POEM]

I wish I were a pigeon I wish I were a pigeon, Free from all types of prisons I would be a white colored pigeon; As white as the snow the in polar region. I would build my nest, And take in it a good rest. I would fly in the sky, And have a

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Nazm Quran

by Warda Rahat Hashmi (VI-Hifz) اللہ مجھے حافظِ قرآن بنا دے قرآن میری جان میری جان بنا دے اعمال میں نیکی عطا کر میرے یارب  یعنی مجھے تو عامل قرآن بنا دے استاد کی عزت کروں ہر دم میں ہمیشہ سدا علم کی طلب میں رہوں ایسا تو بنا دے اس علم کی دولت کو ہرگام

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The Sky

by Sundus Fatima – Grade V-A I want to see the sun, stars and the moon I think the rainbow is coming soon The stars were very very huge The moon was looking very cute I’ll draw a picture or write a book Or sing a song to the fairy of woods I’ll talk to the stars

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My Cat

by Roshaney Sarfaraz – Grade V-A   S he runs into the cupboard when she wants to hide, She chases all the birdies when she goes outside She plays with my pencil when I try to write, She jumps on my bed when I lie down at night She curls up like a ball on the

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Be Happy

by Ms. Sana Kazi     I saw you there sitting by yourself, I saw you without a smile I saw you when you were deep in thought, And then I stood there for a while I knew that you were sad, And that your heart was heavy, But I wanted to let you know That it

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Ten Things How Life Could Be

by Ms. Sana Kazi   How beautiful could life be,, If miseries were not there How sweet could this place be, If love was all that we could share How cheery could our faces be, If tears would not flow How full of life could we be, If not a bit of sadness would show How

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Tere Ehsaan Dekhoon

تیرے احساں دیکھوں   by Ms. Johar Ibad   تیرا کرم ، تیری عطا، تیرے احسان دیکھوں میں کون کون سی ادا میر ے مہربان دیکھوں تیرا ہی جَلوہ نظر آتا ہے چاروں جانِب زمیں دیکھوں یا پھر اُوپر آسماں دیکھوں تیرے بندے تیرے احکام کو نہیں مانیں مگر میں تیرا صبَر تیرا اِطمیناں دیکھوں فقط

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