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500 muslims

The Muslim 500

So much has changed in one year.Aleppo, now the last Syrian city under rebel control, is at risk of falling to the Syrian Army and its allied fighting forces — above all, Russian war planes bombing with devastating effect those parts of Aleppo still under rebel control . Unless the U.S. and perhaps some NATO

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The Desired World

Once after Ayesha had had a bath she looked out of the window and was taken back to see everything was blue. She went out and was surprised to find that there were two blue suns in the sky. On observing this phenomenal scene, Ayesha ran towards her friend’s home. Her friend Khadija was asleep

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Successful Reversion Stories – Part I

Contributed by Sana Kazi   Reversion to Islam, or conversion to any other religion for that matter, is not always a simple thing to do. Except for a few fortunate ones, a new Muslim usually faces consequences. The convert may face isolation from family and friends, if not pressure to go back to the family

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The Adventures of Dr. Khan

by Sundus Fatima (Class V-A)   I was all alone on the island and looked around and saw nothing new. I am a scientist. It had been 28 days since the waves brought me here. I was going on a voyage with my companions, to an island which yields gas. This gas is rarely found

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