Culture: Study of leaves

SL.ll F

Ms.Salma Tabassum


To observe the seasonal change of aur during which the weather becomes cooler and many plants become dormant.

Its that amazing time of the year our attention is drawn to the fantastic color changes, shapes, sizes and physical characteristics of the falling leaves. It’s the perfect time to present the leaf presentation from the botany work.


Students went to the garden for nature study and collected different leaves. They were excited to see the leaves in different colors, sizes and designs. Some leaves were in green color and others in yellow, orange and brown colors. They collected them in a basket and brought them into class. They cleaned the dust with tissue paper. Afterthat they pasted those in their art pads and prepared an autumn tree.

Montessori Practice:

Leaves tray presentation was done and then students brought the same leaves from the garden.

Learning outcomes:

Students were able to recognize different leaves and learnt their names.