Report by: Ms. Zeenat Fatima


Scenic beauty, forests, wild life, habitats, rivers, lakes, oceans, air, water, soil and energy resources are great treasure of a nation. The purpose of Earth Day is to help to keep our grass green and our sky blue with more trees and less pollution.

The most urgent need of the present time, therefore, is to have an effective check on the pollution if we want to be a healthy nation. Environmental pollution is a serious problem of the industrialized societies.

The increase in pollution has resulted in global warming. Global warming is an average increase in the Earth temperature due to greenhouse effect as a result of both natural and human activity. A clean environment is essential for human existence .We can save our planet Earth from destruction through plantation, fighting with pollution, keeping our environment clean and saving natural resources.

All the nations of the world should work together and take measures to control environmental pollution and global warming. Every year on 22nd April Earth Day is observed around the world.
Like every year following the same spirit of living nations, Hfs Primary Campus organized the most exciting and enlightening Earth Day. The day was aligned with the below mentioned activities in which every student and teacher actively participated with great zeal.

Earth Day Campaign: The whole school was decorated representing the Earth Day theme .The students wore head and hand bands and expressed their thoughts through their writings, drawing and speeches.

Awareness Program: A commendable awareness program was arranged for the students of all classes (III-V) to enhance students learning and awareness. The program was aligned with a beautiful poem recited by the students of class-IIIB (Huda Ilyas, Yasham Shahid and Afifa Arif), an English speech by Ayesha Khan (V-B); Sharing of thoughts about Earth Day by Maheen (III-C), a poem in Urdu was recited by Sameen (V-B). Kanzul Eman of class -VA expressed the feelings of a tree in Urdu. Ms. Farhana (Science teacher) delivered an informative lecture about global warming. The program ended by an awesome English poem recited by Inaya Siraj (III-Hifz) and Sameeha Zaheer.

Recycling Activity: Students recycled and reused the old plastic bottles and paper plates into beautiful flowers and fishes. This activity was done by Class-VB students with the help of their science teacher.

Cleaning Environment: Students of Class III (boys) had an outdoor activity. The students cleaned the Earth by picking litter and sweeping .Students had a terrific time! It is great to encourage others to help make our dear Earth clean!

Students’ feelings after that task was indescribable. Some of the students’ comments are noted here:

Yahya Gohar (III-C)

“It is necessary to clean Earth because it’s our home and when I was cleaning, I felt so happy it seemed as if I am cleaning my home. In that way we can also earn blessings.”

Ali Faisal (III-A)

“It is wonderful. We should keep our Earth clean, it is our duty being a Muslim and being a patriotic citizen.”

Anas Abdur Rehman (III-A)

“I really liked that activity and it is my duty to keep this beautiful Earth clean.”

These activities created awareness on part of the students about the various environmental problems our Earth is exposed to and how important it is to play their role in dealing with them. Hira Foundation School is always coming up to grasp such moments to impart awareness and to educate in an innovative way.


Make Everyday an Earth Day

Our precious planet is in need of the our caring touch. As the inhabitants of Earth, it’s our foremost duty to purify and preserve its finite resources.

In order to instill nature’s values, Earth Day was celebrated by the students of grades 1 & 2. On this special day, students were made aware as to how to keep the planet clean and green.

The celebration of such days is important but it should be reinforced everyday for the positive impact to be created and continued inshallah.


‘Earth Day’ was celebrated in SL1 and SL2 on Saturday, 22nd April. This day reminded the young ones the importance of keeping the earth clean and protect it so to reap its benefits. It’s never too early to teach the little ones the importance of keeping this planet pure and how to reduce, reuse, recycle and repair with a little care. Students of SL1 and SL2 enjoyed this special day and learned precious lessons to cherish and preserve earth.

Preschoolers are small but it does not mean they are unable to help make a difference. As the saying goes, “A small step can lead to a big change”.