Experience; A Trip to Europe

In the summer of 2017, I travelled to Europe for a tour in multiple cities. The cities I visited included Milan and Venice in Italy and Zurich, Lugano and Lucerne in Switzerland, and Prague in Czech Republic.

First on our European tour was Milan, Italy, which is a beautiful city with intricate architecture. We visited many places in Milan such as the gorgeous Duomo di Milano. It is the oldest church in Italy, and learning about a different religion and culture was very exciting. Duomo di Milano is located next to the Piazza del Duomo also called Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II; the oldest active shopping mall in Italy. This is not only an amazing place to shop, but also a historic landmark. oldest church of Italy, the oldest mall of Italy.

Next, we travelled to Venice, Italy. It is a beautiful city built on more than 100 small islands. It has no roads, just canals, and people travel on banana-shaped boats called gondolas. Venice is home to nearly 180 canals! Venice is one of the most breathtaking wonders of Italy, with wonderous views at any time of day.

After Venice, travelled to Switzerland via train, and went to Zurich first. Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city, and opposing popular belief, it is not the capital of Switzerland. Zurich is home to the largest clock face in Europe. The St. Peter clock face which is 28 feet in diameter, was certainly a spectacular sight.

We also visited to other cities of Switzerland Lugano and Lucerne which are also very beautiful. And Switzerland is famous for its banking and economy, its cheeses and its chocolates.

Then from Switzerland we went to Prague, Czech Republic and it was one of the most beautiful wonders ever. The architecture is so picturesque that it was even spared by Hitler (or so the story goes)! In Prague we visited the Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square, which were both interesting and attractive. Thus, my tour of Europe ended, a trip that I would never forget. It was the most thrilling and exciting tour ever, and I hope to visit Europe again soon.

Written by: Marium Usmani, edited and proofread by: Mahnoor Ilyas, graphic designed by: Lubaba Khalil