Friday Activity Table

Girls Campus  CR # 64

Dear Parents,

Date: February 13, 2019

Kindly find below the Friday Activity Table. These activities will be held on 15th February in the given time slot. Students are to bring the ingredients/materials outlined in the respective column.

Time SlotGrade 6 Grade 7Grade 8,9Grade 10,11
8:20am-9:30amYogaArt and CraftStitchingFood and Nutrition
Food and Nutrition Club Sandwich Shredded chicken           1 cupEggs [boiled]                    2Cucumber                         1Tomato                               1Bunch of lettuce               1Cheese slices                     2Mayonnaise                      ½ cupKetchup                             ½ cupChilli garlic sauce              ½ cupMustard paste                 2 tbspBran bread slices              6Wooden toothpicksPlatter to serveChopping boardKnife to chop vegetablesA small bowlTablespoon     Ms Amber Weldon
Art n Craft Vase/Pen Holder Making Jute strings White glue UHU Old bottle/empty jar /tin Ms Asma Naz Ms Sumaira
Yoga Yoga Yoga mats Ms Asma Tariq
Stitching Hemming Stitch Hanky Needle and thread Scissors Hook and button Ms Rafia