Fulfilled Fiesta for the HFS Toddlers

It was a delightful event organised by Hfs JM Campus for the entertainment of their young students on Saturday, 25th November.

The sun ☀ shone warmly on the well decorated stalls and bouncing castle 🏰 in the Girls Campus playground. It was an exciting way to make the young ones enjoy!

The month and moment were just right to arrange such an extravaganza. JM teachers exerted much energy to set up this event and participated whole heartedly in it. The students were ecstatic and energetically found their way up and down the bouncing castle 🏯.

The smell of freshly cooked popcorns filled the air while the other games stalls offered much fun for its visitors.

The setting was just apt and the joy on the students faces’ was unmatched. Such events are a breath of fresh air 💨 which bring with it the oxygen for mental and physical relaxation.

The students were provided wholesome snacks by the school which they relished basking in the warm winter sun seated in the playground.

The students returned with bright joyful faces with a bagful of previous moments which added to their memorable experiences.

Alhamdulilah Hfs has always stood in the forefront for organising such rejuvenating times for its students!