ACTIVITY:  Healthy food

OBJECTIVES: By the end of this activity students were able to understand food’s role in their body and what they should eat and how much to stay healthy

Pulses, cereals, rice, whole wheat bread, pasta, fish, egg, chicken, meat, fruits, vegetables, butter, oils, water, dry fruits. Small plastic bags about two dozen. White chart paper.



Why they need to eat? What food does in their body?
They compared bodies to machines and how in order to work they needed the fuel of food.

They were asked what happened to them if they did not eat.

Following tips were provided to the students.

  1. The food we eat contains seven nutrients. These are CARBOHYDRATES, PROTEINS, FATS, VITAMINS, MINERALS, FIBRES and WATER.
  2. A balanced diet contains all seven nutrients according to body’s need, to stay healthy.
  3. To stay healthy we should drink plenty of water.
  4. To stay healthy we should eat fruits and vegetables.
  5. Should eat less fatty, site chart paoery to mark and label. Students drew a circle ⭕ for a plate and divided it into parts for balanced diet.

They filled it by making foods out of plasticine and decided what they ate to stay healthy.

Students shared with the class what they had learned about staying healthy. They were very excited while doing this activity and learnt alot through this alhamdulilah!