Grade III, IV and V plantation activity

Aim: To plant sunflower plants


  • Damp paper towel
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Plot in garden
  • Sun
  • Water


  • Students will place one or two sunflower seeds between damp paper towel to increase their chance of germination and keep them there for one or two days.
  • Once the seed has started to grow they will sow the seed.
  • Seeds should be planted approximately 30 cm. deep and watered well.
  • Sprouting should occur within five to seven days.


Sunflower should be planted with plenty of room and in a position that gets lot s of sun.


Plantation activity was conducted on Monday and Tuesday in 7 primary sections.

Students brought their own pots and sunflower seeds. They were provided with soil, fertilizer and water.

Students were given instructions and guideline to grow sunflower seeds. Following the instructions they filled their pots with soil, made a little hole about 30 cm. deep in their pots and sow seeds.

In the end they watered their plants. Some of the seeds started growing within a week.
Gardener came for one and half-hour daily and he was helpful.