Hajj Awareness Activities in SL1 and SL2

Alhamdullilah,from the first Zilhijja, the students of S.L.I and S.L.II performed hajj activities.

The class soft boards exhibited the scene of Hajj rituals.Main entrance theme board rightly depicted the Islamic theme. The teachers narrated the real story of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. In the assembly time, participants from S.L.1 and S.L.2 wore Ihram. Tents, as the symbol of Mina, were placed on first floor. Playcards of sacrificial animals, Jamaratul Uqba, Jamaratul Wusta, Jamaratul Sugra, pebbles collection, plain of Arafat and Tawaf-e- Ziyarat were also displayed. It was told that how Allah ordered Hazrat Ibrahim to sacrifice his own son in the way of Allah and Satan tried to deceive him for doing so and how the pebbles were thrown at the Satan by Hazrat Ibrahim.

The whole floor echoed with Talbiya and Takber-e-Tashreeq with the innocent voices of the little ones. On the second day, the real animals of sacrifice were shown to the students and the question answer session about Hajj rituals was conducted.

Hajj related art activity was also performed through worksheets in all sections. This Hajj activity has left a great impact on the minds of students and they learnt all about Hajj in a very little time and at an early age.