HFS HOSTS CEATS – The Math Aptitude Test

Hfs hosted the CEATS Math Aptitude Test in the Girls Campus for grades 1 till 9 on Tuesday, 21st November. It was an inter-school event and the most competed in by schools.

Around 120 Hfs students sat for this one and a half hour long contest which was based on a standard grade level conceptual testing. The questions consisted of MCQs and the students were required to mark the correct answers from the provided options. These answers were then to be transferred to an answer script.

The students learnt to discipline themselves according to time, speed and logical thinking. They were coaxed to emerge from their comfort zones and compete to conquer their concepts in maths.

It was heartening to view such a huge turnout by Hfs students. This surely showed much student attraction to such intellectually challenging contests whose aim is to hone the acumen within a stimulating setting.

Top Math scorers will be rewarded by awards by the CEATS organisers in’sha’Allah.

Great Show Hfs👏👏👏 Mashallah!!!