HFS Preschool Colour Day (SL1 &SL2)

The session 2016-2017 of S.L.I and S.L.II has passed successfully. It was adorned with curricular and extracurricular activities. Students engaged in interactive hands on activities. Masha Allah all the teachers and students decorated their classes according to their respective theme colors. On 9th May, Fun Day was celebrated, 10th May, an exciting Hands On Science Experiments Day was organized.

Children involved themselves in many scientific and innovative experiences i.e. observation through spectroscope, sink and float, observation of sprouting through magnifying glass and microscope, basic communication with the help of thread and cups , balloon blowing through vinegar and baking soda etc. On 11th May, fruit activity was carried out. Cool ice cream was purchased by the kids by themselves on 13th May. Same day they did Art And Craft activities. 15th May, was the most special occasion when the Term End Party along with Colour Day was held.

We aspire to achieve the same success in the future endeavors and pray for the prosperity of HFS.


Humera Aqil