Hfs is pleased to launch societies as part of its co curricular program. These will be closely integrated with the curricular one. The foremost aim is to provide a platform to students where they can identify their talents, utilize their potential and reach the pinnacles of success by enhancing their interests and unleashing the power within. This will have a progressive impact on life skills in’sha’Allah.

Hfs Societies:

● Hfs Literary Voice: Multiple language enhancement set up. Here, the students will have an opportunity to express themselves in spoken and written Arabic/English/Urdu to develop a command in’sha’Allah. The framework encompasses debates, declamations and writing genres.
● Hfs Explorers Voice: An enquiry based platform for those students with a spirit of experimentation and exploration. Here, the students will have hands on experience to create, construct and connect with the world 🌍 around them.
● Hfs Art Voice: A creative outlet. Students will be given the freedom to express themselves through art. To play with colours and mediums to form a unique artistic imagery.

These societies will be spearheaded by competent and creative facilitators to groom and guide the students towards goal actualization.
Students can sign up for ONE society only. Weekly society sessions will be held. Students will be awarded certificates of participation upon successful completion with their endeavors promoted through publication.

Consent Slip:

My ward, _______________________, Grade____________ is interested to sign up for:

1) Hfs Literary Voice (Arabic)
2) Hfs Literary Voice (English)
3) Hfs Literary Voice (Urdu)
4) Hfs Explorers Voice
5) Hfs Art Voice

Date: __________ Parent/Guardian’s Sign: _________________