Independence Day Speech

Who knew that the day ,

14th August,

Would tell the world in a way,

That both East and West,

Would come to know ,

That there stands a country

Named Pakistan ,

A lovely place, with sacred lands,

A home of Muslims,

A Quaid’s effort a poet’s dream,

A new beginning beyond a stream,

Filled with Muslim sacrifices,

Respected audience and my dear fellows,

Assalamualaikum. I am glad to join you today on the day of Independence. I am here to make you remember this memorable day. 14thAugust, the day of Pakistan, is a very common day for other nations but a treasured one for the Pakistani people. The story of freedom is a continuous struggle of a century of the Muslims of sub-continent. On this day, Pakistan gained freedom from British rule.

During the British power era, Muslims faced many hardships. But through the relentless efforts of Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Muslims of sub-continent, today we are living peacefully in our country following our religion.

Let’s salute the Father of the nation for his great efforts for the establishment of Pakistan. But today we have totally forgotten the purpose behind the creation of Pakistan. This is not the same Pakistan, Allama Iqbal had dreamed about. This is not the same Pakistan for which Quaid-E-Azam had sacrificed everything, even his life. We need to realize the true meaning of this country. We should not divide into provinces, parties or casts. We need to show unity and brotherhood. We need to act upon Quaid’s vision: Unity , Faith and Discipline. We have to work together for the peace and prosperity of our beloved country.

Let’s pray that our country attains the echelons of success and supremacy. Aameen


Ayesha Khan

Grade VII A