Launch of the Remedial Program

Girls Campus CR # 34

Dear Parents,

Date: November 07, 2018

Hfs Elementary is pleased to announce the launch of the Remedial Program in the core subjects English, Math and Urdu.
Individual attention is one of the primary objectives.

This is to lend a helping hand, provide an avenue of reinforcement and skill building to all the students who require an additional push in the aforementioned academic areas. A fair chance to reach the class standard and boost confidence to achieve higher.
Each child matters in Hfs!

This will take place twice a week in the conversation and library periods so mainstream timetable will continue smoothly. A report will be sent home weekly to track progress, update and for your acknowledgement.

Kindly send a clear clip file for this purpose.

Fill the consent form below:
I,_______________________, hereby agree to enroll my child, _____________________of
grade _____________in the Remedial Program.

HFS Management