Let’s Explore Our Homes

In Montessori we present classified collections of pictures dealing with various aspects of a social life. Most of the the classified cards are generic at first.

Teachers show every day contemporary things to the children and they are familiar with animals, fruits, transport, healthy food, seasons, environment of kitchen, classroom , zoo, living room etc.

What’s interesting is that children like to make and recall the classifications. This confirms that it is natural to group words together and that words should be ordered in the mind according to their meanings.

The students engaged in a hands 👐 on activity through exploration of the inside of homes. An model of a house 🏡 was displayed with all the furnishings. The students related this to their own homes and their setting. They matched the actual household items to the pictures on the sheet.

What did children learn?

  • Enrichment of vocabulary.
  • Preparation for other cultural studies.
  • Pre reading enhancement and matching

This activity was a fun way to integrate concrete material into child’s learning with figurines . Children related better to real images and responded well to the activity alhamdulilah!