Library Activity Grades 1 and 2

Students of Grade 1 and 2 had a great time in library with the introductory session of famous (ORT) Oxford Reading Tree characters Biff, Kipper, Chip and their complete family members. The aim was to make the students familiar with the book’s characters and harness their reading interest.

How did the activity go?

Teacher gave an introduction about Kipper and his family. Discussion began by cross questioning the students related to different images on multimedia such as, What is Kipper wearing? What is the color of his hair? Who is standing with him? What is the name of his sister and brother? What are they doing? Are they eating? Are they moving? Are they playing? They also discussed title of a reader, “Picnic on the Hill.”

How was the response?

Students were keenly interested and involved in this stimulating session. They were engaged in viewing the images of the characters while speaking about their appearance, relationships and routines.

This actively engaged them with 📚 books and captivated them alhamdulilah! Now, they would surely want to read these!