Life Cycle of Butterfly

Pre-school Activity

  • Grade: SL.ll
  • Topic: Life Cycle of Butterfly
  • Activity name: Life Cycle of Butterfly Craft

Aim of the Activity:

  • To make pupil aware of stages of life.
  • To make pupil learn and write the four stages of butterfly’s life cycle.
  • To refine pupil’s grass motor skills.

How did the activity go:

Teacher made a sample of butterfly craft with computer papers and green color dough .Pupils selected the material of their own choice and prepared the complete stages of life cycle e.g: egg on leaf, caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly. It helped them to understand the stages of life in living things.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of activity, each child was able to identify and define the life cycle of butterfly in their own words. They were very glad to have this, hands on activity with them as a sample. They were excited to show it to their parents as soon as possible.