The announcement of the program Literary Colors to be held in our school was like a breath of fresh air for the senior girls of HFS. On Thursday, 3rd February 2017, all the girls assembled in the great auditorium. Grade 4 – 5 from the primary section were the audience.

The program began with the name of Allah Almighty.
“Rhetoric is the art of ruling minds of men.” Plato words were truly understood by the hostess of the program.

Our hostess, Fatimah, of grade nine successfully held the interest of the audience till the very end. The thought provoking speeches, the energetic enthusiastic speakers, the convincing words, the heart touching poems all intermingled together to make this program an achievement.

Speeches were delivered on distinct and fervent topics of success, optimism, dreams and determination. The art of poem allocution, both individually and in group was artistically accomplished.

Our junior grades 7 and 8 just could not stay behind, they enlightened the audience by speaking on common issues like, child labor, homework, need for exams, ungratefulness, etc…The audiences were so immersed in the program that the time flew by unnoticed.

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