Math Quiz Competition

Quiz competitions enable students to think from different angles or simply ‘to think out of the box’. It promotes a healthy involvement amongst participants.

The preliminary round was held in the classes where the students were asked ten questions. The ones who gave the most correct answers were chosen to proceed to the next round. Each participating team had two highest achievers from their class.

It was held in assembly area where all sections of classes of IV and V gathered to attend the competition. There were two rounds.

Students were divided into two teams (Team A and Team B). They were informed of the competition’s rules. There were two rounds of the competition inwhich five questions were asked from each team. Each team had to answer within the given time limit. If the team members couldn’t answer, the same question was asked from the audience.

After a tough final round, the result was announced by the judges and certificates were awarded to the well deserved winners.

  • Grade III A – Musaab Bin Tayab & Jaweria Abbasi
  • Grade IV B – Aaishah munir
  • Grade V B – Rabia Shoaib & Usaira Khan

Students were highly motivated and it turned out to be quite a productive activity which enhanced logical thinking skills alhamdulilah!