Primary Photo Gallery

Grade IV Hifz: Math assignments of tables and line graph (Conducted by: Ms. Sarah Shahid)
Grade IV: Social studies project (Conducted by Ms. Salma Haque)
Sandwich making activity : Conducted by: Ms. Maria
Grade I: Living and Non- Living Things Activity (conducted by: Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)
Topic Living and Non- Living Things( Research work in school)
Venue Class ID
Date Sept 1st, 2015
Day Tuesday
Aim and Objective of the activity:

Students will be able to:

Know and aware about living and non-living things.
Draw pictures of living and non-living things.
Solve the work sheets.
Classify the things according to living and non-living things.

Topic: Fruit Activity

Venue: class I ( A, B, C and D)

Aim and Objective:
Students will be able to:

• Know and aware about fruits and seeds.
• Solve the workbook pages
• Recognize the seasonal fruits
• Know the names of fruits
• Identify the number of seeds

Grade III: Students’ clinic activity (conducted by: Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Creative Writing and Practice of Arabic Grade II

Conducted By: Miss Hira Khan
  • Topic: Educating students about the Summer Season
  • Class: 1 – A, B, C and D
  • Venue: Visit of the Yard of the Girls Hifz Campus
  • Date: May 4th, 2015

Aims and Objectives of this activity:

  • Instill an awareness in the students about the summer season.
  • Make the experience educational and enjoyable.
  • Have the students enjoy the stroll to the yard.
  • Use of umbrellas, caps and sunglasses and numerous cold drinks.


Distribution of balloons among the students of the four sections as a token for best wishes for final exams.

Resources used:

Balloons, caps ,sunglasses, umbrellas, juices ,cold drinks ,cans ,card sheet materials of sun,and cone ice cream.

Grade I: Activity Educating students about the Summer season (Conducted by Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Primary Section: Computer Projects by Ms. Kausar Aziz and Ms. Salma Haq

Grade: II Creative Writing Presentation Event (Conducted by: Ms. Shazia Saif)

Activity Description

The students did creative writing on the topic ‘My Three Favourite Toys’. They gave presentation on the topic, read what they had written and showed their toys to everyone. The objective of this activity was to make students learn to write simple passage using proper grammar and spelling, and to transfer their thoughts to their writing in a creative manner. They also learned to speak confidently and fluently what they wrote, with correct pronunciation.

Grade I: Activity “My Favourit Object” (Conducted by Ms. Maria Aziz Chohan)

Activity description

An activity on “my favourite object” has been done. Students wrote a paragraph and drew the object also. They delivered their composition as a presentation.

Grade II A: Science Projects ” Magic of Batteries” ( Conducted by: Ms. Salma Haque)

Grade V: Science Projects ” Use of electricity in our daily life” (Conducted by Ms. Farhana Tabassum)

Primary Section : Activity- Cultural Week

Grade V: Social Studies Projects ‘Method of Irrigation’ (Conducted by Ms. Farhana Tabassum)

Grade I: Activity Shapes and Plants with its parts ( Conducted by Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Objective :

  • To learn and know about plants and its parts.
  • To learn , recognize and know about shapes.

Grade II: Activity- Math’s game board

Activity Description

  • Grade 2 students doing multiplication and division by playing on creative game boards prepared by Ms. Irsa Kanwal.
  • Playing tic tac toe by placing the cards or writing the sums in a line which are yielding the same answers.

Grade-1 Mathematics Activity

  • Topic: Shapes and Patterns
  • Teacher’s Name: Ms Fehmina Sattar
  • Grade I (A-D)
  • Objectives: To sort a given set of 2‐D shapes.
  • To identify common attributes of triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles from given sets of the same type of 2‐D shapes.
  • To identify given 2‐D shapes with different dimensions.
  • To identify given 2‐D shapes with different orientations.
  • To create a model to represent a given 2‐D shape.
  • To create a pictorial representation of a given 2‐D shape.

Grade IV: Activity- The Lung Machine (Conducted by Ms. Farhana Tabassum)

Grade III: Activity- Plants and their parts. Conducted by Ms. Farhana Tabassum

Grade I: Activity-Card writing (Conducted by Afsana Tabassum)

Primary Section:Students’ Art Work

Grade III, IV, V: Mathematics Quiz (Conducted By Ms. Sara & Ms. Farah Akhtar)

Grade III: Skeletal system ( conducted by Ms. Farhana Tabassum)

Primary Section: Breakfast Activity

Annual sports day 2014-15 (Primary section)

Grade I : Activity “Seasons” (Conducted by Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Topic: Season Activity
Venue: class l [section A,B,C and D]
Section IA:Summer season
Section lB : Winter Season
Section lC: Autumn Season
Section lD: Spring Season
Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Know and aware about four kinds of season
  • Draw favorite season.
  • Solve the work sheet.
  • know the seasonal fruits.

Grade III : Activity “Inside the egg” (Conducted by Ms. Farhana Tabassum)

Letter Writing to the Parents Activity VI Hifz Girls

Objectives of cleanliness theme

  • To help students understand what cleanliness is by definition.
  • To help students understand some causes and consequences of littering.
  • To discuss and understand the causes of environmental pollution.
  • To better understand the problem of littering and the type of litter thrown.
  • To take personal action in cleaning up an area surrounding the school or a public place.
  • To develop responsibility and ownership of the area with regards to its cleanliness.
  • To understand the issue of littering and waste management.
  • To identify the frequency with which areas/elements need to be cleaned to consistently meet the required standard.

Our Five sense

This activity has been performed in Grade I( A,B,C and D)

Venue: Class Room
Teacher’s Name: Ms. Ambreen Ashraf
Date/Day: 21.10.2014
Grade : I( A,B,C and D)

Resources: Perfume, Iodex, Powder, Body spray, different kinds of leaf, cotton,different food items ,whistle ,mobile ringtone,coins,CD,different kinds of things and Other things in the classroom and environments.

Grade I: Differentiate b/w hard/soft, Rough/smooth and cold/hot (Conducted by Ambreen Ashraf)

Grade I and II: Sink and Float Activity (conducted by Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Grade II. Which is Longer (conducted by Ms Ambreen Ashraf)

Social Studies Theme Board – by Ms. Seema Naz

Activity Fruits with number of seeds. By Ms Ambreen Ashraf

Grade I- How to brush the teeth? (Conducted by Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Grade I -Healthy food

Grade 4 – Length measurement and Social Studies activity

Grade IV: Observing & performing the melting, freezing, evaporation & condensation of
water & vegetable ghee.

Students of Grade III are studying the characteristics of the group of mammals, fishes & insects.(Conducted by Ms. Hira Asif)

Grade-II Mixing Things Solubility. (Conducted by Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Grade-III The life cycles of animals. (Conducted by Ms. Hira Asif)

Grade IV : Respiratory model (Conducted by Ms. Hira Asif)

Grade III: Parallel and perpendicular lines

Grade II: Electric circuit (Conducted by Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Grade II : Measuring Weight (Conducted by Ms. Ambreen Ashraf)

Grade-II-dentification of different parts of the plant conduct Ms. Ambreen Ashraf

Grade III: Human Skeletal System, Conducted by Ms. Hira Asif

Wudhu Activity conducted by Zahra Ghanchi