My First Day of School

By Mahnoor Ilyas Grade 8

It was again a long summer day when we were in the car on the way to school after two and a half months. Everyone had been so excited for vacations to begin as exams and homework had tired them all. It was the happiest day of my life when I came to school for the last paper. I gave the last exam and then came home looking forward to a relaxing time. Then the vacations had flown by like a paper in the hurricane.

I went outside, put on my uniform and wore the school socks. It seemed as if those shoes had taken 50 million years to put on! I was frustrated. Then I trudged towards the car and wished the car would never reach school but the car went faster than the speed of light! When I arrived, all of my fellows looked like lazy lizards lying like lumps! And I thought and smiled, sheep should sleep in a shed.

After the first bell rang, our class teacher came in and introduced herself. She also asked us to introduce ourselves and so we did. Then our section head came and congratulated us for having the majority of students in our class. Later on, the regular periods started. One by one, the teachers came and gave lectures. We were so sleepy that it seemed that the teacher’s speech would never end. Then we did some written work. That was a bit interesting and was better rather than listening to the lectures. In addition, the weather was so hot that everything was on fire. But as conscience is a man’s compass, we were doing work so we didn’t feel it as much. Anyways, the most astonishing part was that, even though I was sleepy, the pencil penned the words perfectly. No swinging of my hand here or there. Just perfect. Next came my class. As having a lot of students, I didn’t think a herd of elephants would be as noisy as my class that day! Above all, after break time, everyone felt fresh. It was geography period when the teacher gave another lecture. But this time, the lecture was not the same as before. Her explanation was as clear as crystal.

By now the sleepiness was over and after break, the classes were simply amazing. That day was the best day with my fellows and teachers and this is how I spent my first day of school.