Newspaper reading

Dear Parents,

Date: August 08, 2017
As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Hira Foundation School is always striving to provide the best education to its students. Hence,
keeping the ultimate gain and value in sight, Hfs has launched newspaper reading in the
classrooms. Another attractive way of acquiring current knowledge in these contemporary

This newspaper activity targets the reading ability, comprehension capacity, general
knowledge base, real world connectivity, age appropriate publications and a variety of
literature for transforming the students into avid readers in the true sense of the word.
Hence, we require your support in sending Dawn Newspaper's Young World magazine
every Saturday to school with your children. They will read the articles in the magazine in
their ongoing reading program and reap maximum benefit from the news and views in it.

Please remember that newspaper reading at a young age is critical in developing mature
minds for the future. So, kindly take out time to read about relevant happenings with your
children at home too so they can become well informed individuals.

Note: Dawn Newspaper's Young World is quite cheap (approx. Rs 30) and you can start weekly
subscriptions or even borrow from family or neighbours who have this newspaper issued in
their homes.

HFS Management