Pea Shelling Activity

Practical life activities allow children to build self confidence as well as develop the discipline needed for success through out their lives.

There are many chores in the house which can be performed to achieve similar goals. Shelling peas is one of the simplest ways to engage in such an interesting activity.

What does a child learn from this activity?

  • Concentration
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sensorial exploration of handling the peas
  • Self confidence as they get to do something which their mothers do

Junior Montessori organized a pea shelling activity. Children were asked to bring peas for this activity. Teacher showed them how to peel the peas and then allowed them to peel by themselves. They were very excited and enthusiastically involved in this activity. To make the activity more effective the art work of finger impression on the peas print out was conducted. Later, the children packed the peas in packets and took them home along with the art work so they could show their amazing work to their mothers. Mashallah!