Put the shine in Silver

Grade VII

Topic: Put the shine in Silver

What did students do and learn?

Students brought material from home which included tarnished silver jewelry, a pan, baking soda and aluminum foil. They were provided with hot water. They did this activity in the lab. First the activity was demonstrated by the teacher then they did activity step by step following instructions by the teacher. They removed tarnish from their jewelry.

They were told that tarnish on the silver is silver sulphide. In this chemical reaction sulphidereacts with aluminum making aluminum sulphide, like this it is removed from the silver. We get pure silver which is shiny.

How did the activity go?

They worked in groups. All the students in VII A and B attended the activity. They were very happy that they learned how to bring shine in their silver jewelry. They again documented activity and wrote their comments in science copies.