Should Uniforms be compulsory in Schools?

Jaweria & Khadija Grade 6B


Uniforms should be compulsory in 🏫 schools because in the absence of uniform there will be a problem in deciding which clothes to wear. The students will trouble their parents that they want to wear new clothes which their friends have worn in school. Uniforms should be allowed for uniformity. Another issue is that students will wear inappropriate clothing which is not allowed in Islam and this will also influence others adversely.

Uniforms represent discipline and unity.

Hence, I totally support uniforms!

Umama Harim Grade 7B

Today, I’m speaking against this topic. Uniforms should not be compulsory in schools.
As a student who has worn different uniforms, I don’t think so -why? Well, first of all, these not even comfortable! I think many students will agree on that. Clothes are meant to give us comfort and confidence. Coverage, yes these give us that – can’t say much about comfort.

Secondly, clothes are a way we can express ourselves. Uniforms don’t allow that originality.
I think there should be no uniforms in schools.

Should cell phones be allowed in schools?

Mahnoor Ilyas Grade 8

Respected teachers and my dear fellow students,


This is Mahnoor Ilyas and the topic on which I’m going to speak on today is Should cellphones be allowed in schools? My opinion is that cellphones should be allowed in schools. These should not be banned because these can be used as calculators and to search for information, taking notes when you forget your notebook 📓 or pencil.

We are students of the 21st century when technology is rampant whereas pen/paper is gradually disappearing. Devices can cut down the use of pencils and messy ink in particular.

Now, let’s talk about the most important aspect – our safety. Cellphones can also keep us safe. Believe it or not these can save your life. Let me give you an example. On 20th April, 1999 two teenagers walked into a High School carrying sub machine guns and bombs intended to cause some major damage. 13 students were killed and there would’ve been more casualties if one student hadn’t called 911 from his hiding place and alerted the police.

So, cellphones can be life saving too. Yet, the school authorities can spell out the procedures for their proper usage.

Laiqa Shahid Grade 8


I’m Laiqa Shahid of Grade 8. Today, I’m speaking on a topic, Should cellphones be allowed in schools? Why should the need arises to allow such devices in schools. We are here for studying and if you say you want a cellphone as an educational resource so that’s a invalid excuse as we all have facilities in schools. Isn’t it my dear fellows? If you say, you want it for calculation so you have scientific calculators. If you say, you want it for internet access so dear fellows we have computer labs also. And if you’re using it as a product of knowledge so we have millions of books. And if we allow our students to bring the cell phones to schools those will become social hubs which will capture the awkward moments in school. So, I will end my speech by saying that cell phones should not be allowed in schools which are a mere distraction.