Hira Foundation School has proven to be one of the best to educate students develop useful skills, knowledge and real-world savvy. Keeping the same zeal, Hfs Primary Campus celebrated an informative Space Week in the month of February. Students were involved in various interesting and highly productive activities.

Space Week Campaign:

The whole school was decorated representing the theme of Space including all celestial bodies. The students wore head and hand bands and expressed their thoughts through their writings, drawing and speeches.

Awareness Program:

Ms.Afshan Majid conducted an informative session for the students of Class III-V on the topic “Space and Science beyond our Imagination”.

Poster Presentation:

Students of Class III and IV prepared posters on different topics related to the given theme.

Model Making:

Students of Class V made amazing models of celestial bodies and their wonders.

Project Display:

Students Project work including models, paintings and write ups were displayed on 28th February, 2018.

Students shared their feelings which are noted below:

Mekail Khan (III-C)

“I enjoyed a lot and learnt about satellites and solar system. I specially liked the picture of Galaxy and Black Hole.”

Muneeba Khan(V-B)

“It was wonderful! We must have such kind of informative events because students want to enjoy and learn new things.”

Ammara Rashid (V-A)

“Model making is interesting. I learnt about planets and black hole.”

Muzaina Waheed (III-C)

“I liked all the models. This universe is amazing!”

Afeerah Rizwan (III-C)

“It was interesting and informative. I learnt how astronauts go to space and also learnt about wonders of planets.”

Rayyanuddin Siddique (III-C)

“I got an opportunity to explore interesting facts about planets and their properties. It was interesting to know that how astronauts survive on space. I am really inspired and would like to be a scientist. InshaAllah!”

Alishba Zubair (III-A)

“I enjoyed a lot and learnt many new things. I specially liked the presentation given by Ms. Afshan Majid. Space Week was superb!”

Fatima Ateeq (IV-B)

I made a model of layers of the Earth. I became astonished when I came to know about the fact that diamonds’ rain fall on Neptune. It was really wonderful!”

The whole week was aligned with motivating and highly productive activities which created awareness amongst students. Hopefully, Hfs team will come up with so many other interesting topics to broaden their horizon of reasoning and thoughts. Insha Allah!

Reported by,

Ms.Zeenat Fatima