Sprouting Seed with Juniors

Teaching sequencing process of seed germination is great for developing children’s logical thinking,along with the enriched vocabulary.

To observe seed germination and to create hands on science experiences Junior Montessori had a germination activity. Children were asked to bring small clay pot for the activity.

Teachers demonstrated the germination procedure through the diagram and other teaching aids . Children did the activity in the school yard, they put the soil in the pot, sowed the seeds in the soil, covered it with the soil and watered the plant.

In this activity, children observed how seeds grow into a shoot, the materials required to grow as it changes into a fully grown plant.


  • sensory input through touching soil
  • Refine fine motor skills through spreading small seeds
  • Develop coordination skills through water & pouring
  • Indirect preparation for botany

This activity not only fascinated them but also provided a great opportunity to inculcate curiosity in children through scientific experimentation. This alss gave the concept of “Al KHALIQ” ( The creator) and Alhamdulilah for thanking Him.