Ms. Zeenat Fatima

By the grace of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, session 2016-17 has come to its closure with the most remarkable and visible accomplishments. We had a wonderful school year full of learning, fun and excitement. To make the year memorable and fun filled Hfs Primary Campus team arranged a grand event with vibrant celebrations on Saturday, 29th April. The event brought a wave of fresh air to reduce the stress of the upcoming examinations.


It is the best time to fortify summer safety rules and enjoy summer fun. Keeping the thought in view ‘Happy Summer Day’ was celebrated in Class III (All sections). The students were extremely delighted to have such a funny and yummy day. The classrooms were beautifully decorated representing the summer theme. Students were dressed up with colorful summer suits carrying hats and umbrellas.

To make the event informative and inculcating summer safety rules the event was aligned with thned activities.

Art Competition:

Students made ice-cream out of fomic sheet and summer fruits out of card sheet. Their art work was displayed and reeled in praiseworthy remarks.

Health Benefits of Summer Fruits:

Fruits are a good source for vitamins and minerals and the best of all drinking fresh juices and smoothies can help us stay energized and hydrated. An informative lecture was delivered by the teachers about the health benefits of summer fruits.

Beat the Heat:

Awareness about the heat strokes and its prevention were discussed in the class so that the students may counteract summer challenges. Ice Cream and Sugar Cane Juice: Stalls for ice cream and sugar cane juice were arranged by the Hfs management which brought real fun and delightful feast for students. Food and Fruits Party: Students enjoyed food, fruits and desserts. Meanwhile, they also learnt table manners and how to host a party. Overall, the party was really marvellous.
FAREWELL PARTY: A farewell party was organized by the students of class IV in the honor of class V at Hfs Primary Campus on 29th April. It was a wonderful time for the students of of that class to share their experiences and memories of primary school life with their teachers and fellows. They also presented titles to the teachers. All the students and teachers were overwhelmed with such cherished moments which added fun and life to the event.

Hfs team members are extremely thankful to all of the parents who cooperated and also prepared delicious food. They were surely the icing on the cake!
Have a wonderful summer!