The Desired World

Once after Ayesha had had a bath she looked out of the window and was taken back to see everything was blue. She went out and was surprised to find that there were two blue suns in the sky. On observing this phenomenal scene, Ayesha ran towards her friend’s home. Her friend Khadija was asleep at the time. Ayesha yelled out loud,” Get up! Get up! See what has happened outside.” Khadija was surprised to see that everything looked blue, and remarked “Wow! Ayesha you are looking very pretty and your hair is golden.” Ayesha saw herself in the mirror. Both of them were looking very pretty. They went outside and everything had changed. There were trees that grew money .As they approached one of these trees, to their amazement the tree spoke inquiring of them as to where they were going.   Both of them looked at each other and quickly answered. “We are going to the park”. When they had gone a little farther, both exclaimed with joy Wow! Mountain of ice-cream and chocolates. Khadija said, “First I want to eat ice-cream then I will go ahead”. They both enjoyed the blue scenery and their ice-creams. After having the ice-cream they went towards the river. The water was pink and there were golden rocks and stones in it. Ayesha bent over to touch the water but lost her balance and suddenly fell in the river. Ayesha screamed “Help! Help!” but what’s that??? Her mother was standing near her, very much concerned. Then Ayesha realized that it was a dream and had a good laugh with her mother about her dream.

Written By:  Wardah Rahat

Grade:  Extensive