To Separate Salt and Pepper by Static Electricity

Science Activity
Senior Section/ Class VII

Topic: To Separate Salt and Pepper by Static Electricity

What did the students do and learn?

Students arranged their material on the table to be organized. They worked in pairs. They were given instructions and then activity was demonstrated in front of them. They followed the steps and started the activity by rubbing plastic objects like scale, spoon or comb on flannel cloth to create static electricity.

They learned that by rubbing plastic scale on woolen cloth it gets charged and when it is brought near mixture of salt and pepper it attracts them but first attracts pepper as it is lighter in weight, like this they separated pepper from salt.

They also learned that not only certain types of cloth like woolen or synthetic work and only certain types of objects get charged. Moreover, through experience that more rubbing creates more charge. They also used their abayas to charge scales and it was quite effective alhamdulilah!