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Dated: Thursday, April 18, 2013

by Amna Gohar (Late)


A whiff of hope, a flicker of light,
I glided, I gloated, I flattered, I floated,
I tried to hold it all.

A moment of joy, a twinkle of mirth,
I sang, I danced, I capered, I pranced,
I tried to live it all.

A tinge of bliss, a hue of glee,
I sparkled, I dazed, I beamed, I blazed,
I tried to savor it all.

A cloud of mist, a nuance of storm,
It hovered, it loomed, it mounted, it bloomed,
I tried to shun it all.

A tingle of pain, a twitch of loss,
I crumpled, I shriveled, I sawed, I grizzled,
But I had lost it all.

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