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ACADEMIC CALENDAR 2021 – 22 (August-May)

(Grade III H – O Level)

AUGUST Monday 09th  August 2021 Session starts online till 28th  August 2021
SEPTEMBER Monday to Saturday 13th-18th September 2021 1st Assessment (O Level)/OIII Mock (in G.C. only)
Wednesday 44461 Preparation Leave (O Level) (in G.C. only)
Saturday 44464 Result/PTM (O Level) (in G.C. only)
SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER Monday to Saturday 20th September – 5th  October 2021 /
4th  – 9th  October 2021
1st Assessment III-VIII (Group wise) (in G.C. only) /
1st Assessment III-X (in B.C. only)
OCTOBER Saturday 9th  October 2021 / 16th  October 2021 1st PTM / Result III-VIII (G.C.) / (B.C)
Monday to Saturday 25th  Till 30th October 2nd  Assessment (O level) (in G.C. only)
NOVEMBER Saturday 6th  November 2021 PTM/ Result (O level) (in G.C. only)
Monday to Saturday 1st till 13th November 2021 /
8th till 13th November 2021
Grand Test III-VIII /
2nd Assessment III-XI (in B.C only)
Saturday 20th  November 2021 Grand Test Result III-VIII (in G.C. only)
DECEMBER Monday to Saturday 6th  till 18th December 2021 MID TERM Examination 2021
Tuesday 21st  December 2021 Paper Review
Thursday 23rd  December 2021 MID TERM RESULT PTM
Saturday to Friday 25th  – 31st  December 2021 Winter Break
JANUARY Monday 3rd  January 2022 FINAL TERM STARTS
FEBRUARY Monday to Saturday 14th  till 26th  February 2022 /
7th till 12th February 2022
3nd  Assessment Test III-VIII (Group wise) (in G.C. only) /
3nd  Assessment Test III-XI (in B.C. only)
Saturday 26th  February 2022 3rd Assessment (O level) (in G.C. only)
Monday to Saturday 21st  till 28th February 2022 Pre-Mock (X & XI)
MARCH Saturday 5th  March 2022 3rd PTM
Monday to Saturday 14th  till 19th  March 2022 Mock Examination (X & XI)
Saturday 26th  March 2021 Mock Result
Monday to Monday 21st  to 28th  March 2021 4th Assessment Test III – IX (in B.C. only)
Monday to Saturday 28th March till 9th April 2022 Grand Test III-VIII (in G.C. only)
MARCH / APRIL Monday to Saturday 28th  March till 2nd  April 4th Assessment (OI) (in G.C. only)
APRIL Saturday 2nd April, 2021 4th PTM (in B.C. only)
Saturday 16th April 2022 Grand Test Result III-VIII / 4th Assessment Result OI & PTM (in G.C. only)
Monday 26th April 2022 (tentative) CAIE Examination Starts
APRIL / MAY Saturday to Friday 30th  April till 6th  May 2022 (tentative) Eid ul Fitr Holidays
MAY Monday to Saturday 09th  May till 21st  May 2022 FINAL TERM EXAMINATION
Saturday 28th  May 2022 FINAL TERM RESULT
AUGUST New Session 2022-2023