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The Academic session 2019-20 has been fraught with many changes and challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic scenario. The abrupt and rapid waves of uncertainty have been created and felt not only in our country but worldwide. Now, that we come to terms with the ongoing situation and try to best manage our daily affairs as well as realign our routines to be more productive we continue to take you as parents and students into confidence.

Since the schools closed down, we have been in constant communication and connection with our students via digital mediums and trained our teachers to impart teaching on these online learning platforms. Indeed, this has been quite challenging to stay connected digitally but more and more schools have adopted this online route to impart quality education to the students. Similarly, Hfs has also successfully done so with amazing response from students of different grade levels.

Now, we take this digital teaching and learning a step further from 11th June 2020, in which we continue the uninterrupted learning of our students through a well structured ONLINE SCHOOL PROGRAM. We welcome our students from Preschool till A-Level to the school once again to be part of the fun and engaging online classes while at home. We will continue with the online program until July 2020 for the smooth closure of the academic session 2019-20. So, that we may start a new academic session in August 2020 inshallah.

Firstly, we will provide the students of all grade levels with an online class time table to follow and expect the parents to play a key role in ensuring that their children follow this strictly as the attendance will be counted. Students will be taught through Google classrooms, Zoom, Videos and Tutorials based on the Final Exam Syllabi. These will be recorded and tracked so that maximum benefit can be attained. Our teachers have been working tirelessly to produce quality online teaching materials and resources for the ultimate learning experience of our students.

Secondly, students will be assessed in three ways, namely; their past performance in the final term, summer packs/Google assignments/tests from March till May and June/July online program. Kindly note there will be NO examinations and the results will be produced on the evaluation based on the aforementioned ways.

Thirdly, Summer Packs/Google Assignments (March-May) need to be submitted between 1st till 10th June 2020. Hence, it is important that as parents and students take note and ensure that these are completed fully for proper submission as these will be marked. Summer packs need to be submitted in school whereas Google assignments can be done so online. Staff will be there in school to receive the summer packs from 1st June inshallah. Parents and students may get in touch with the teachers before that through WhatsApp class groups for any queries related to these.

We will intimate both the parents and students about the online class time table when we are about to launch these for smooth implementation inshallah. Both parents and students are requested to ensure a stable internet connection and availability of device such as Android phone, tablet, laptop or desktop for an uninterrupted learning experience inshallah.

May Allah swt place barakah in these educational endeavours and we succeed in our noble mission in imparting an enlightening experience for the ultimate benefit. Further, may this Coronavirus impact be minimized or eliminated completely so we may resume a physical connection again. Aameen


Hfs Management

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