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Dated: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

First Term -2017

Alhamdulillah Dear Time is in full swing and found productive to be the part our curriculum. The activity has greatly enhanced students’ reading as well as writing abilities. As it is very well said, ‘To be an influential writer one must be an intrinsic reader.’

A regular cross check and individual testing via oral communication, review registers’ rechecking and tested knowledge analysis was done to select the best readers. The final list of which is attached.

S# Student’s Name Class
1 Usra Hanif Class-IIIA
2 Zainab Kashif Class-IIIB
3 Abdul Hadi Class-IIIB
4 Fasih ur Rehman Class-IIIC
5 Afeerah Rizman Class-IIIC
6 Usaid Raza Class-IIIC
7 Aiman Tahir Class-IVA
8 Areej Saqib Class-IVA
9 Isra Ahmed Class-IVA
10 Hafsa Imran Class-IVA
11 Zainab Khan Class-IVA
12 Huda Ilyas Class-IVA
13 Maryam Humayon Class-IVB
14 Aisha Muneer Class-IVB
15 Yasham Shahid Class-IVB
16 Afifa Arif Class-IVB
17 Shanza Mohammad Class-VA
18 Laiba Zubair Class-VA
19 Fatima Ansari Class-VA
20 Maryam Nasir Class-VA
21 Ifra Rauf Class-VA
22 Muniba Khan Class-VB
23 Jawaria Shabir Class-VB
24 Usaira Khan Class-VB
25 Mina Adeel Class-VB

The students were awarded with the Best Reader Certificates.

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