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Dated: Monday, December 3, 2018

The Junior Montessori students’ joyful shouts resonated throughout the school. It was a happening day for the young ones with the Bouncing Castle Extravaganza being organized by JM.

What better way to avail the winter sun ☀ than in the lively surroundings in the large school playground. To provide a fun element to all may it be teachers and students.

The artistically shaped props and the centre of attention two huge colourful jumping castles were the major attractions. The students were completely enthralled and excited while jumping on the castles and making their way up/down their slides. Ofcourse under the supervision of vigilant staff members.

Humpty Dumpty and Feed the Shark brought into play their motor skills. While picture frame was able to capture their bright and bubbly 🔆 side. The Aim the Ostrich displayed their accuracy. The students couldn’t get enough of the delightful games and wanted to take turns again and again.

The clown antics and playfulness kept the students charged who went round in circles. The students ran around freely in the open ground and released their energies under the warm winter sun which refreshed as well as provided a healthy atmosphere.

The laughter and smiles on the faces of the young ones was simply priceless. Their faces lit up with delight and this was the greatest achievement of this amazing fun gala.

Hfs has proven once again that indeed such events provide the much needed entertainment and can be an extremely eventful addition to elevate the everyday school routine alhamdulilah!

Hats off to the Junior Montessori team for organizing such an epic event Mashallah!

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