Poems | Hira Foundation School - Part 3
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الٰہی تیری چوکھٹ پر

Dated: Thursday, April 18, 2013

[headline]by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Sahab (DB)[/headline] الٰہی تیری چوکھٹ پر بھکاری بن کے آیا ہوں سراپا فقر ہوں عجز و ندامت ساتھ لایا ہوں بھکاری وہ کہ جس کے پاس جھولی ہے نہ پیالہ ہے بھکاری وہ جسے حرص و ہوس نے مار ڈالا ہے متاع دین و دانش، نفس کے ہاتھوں سے لٹوا کر […]

A Kid’s Plea

[headline]by Amna Gohar (Late)[/headline] I watch them dig my grave All gallant men so brave With all their might and mien I see them cinders gleanp For them it is a game Culling a face without a name But I’m my mother’s son Tell me is dying fun? They promise me toys and shoes Frilly clothes with […]

The Prophet of Islam

[headline]by Naheed Naseem[/headline]   O Uncrowned king of Yathrib! That walked the native land, The marks of thy footsteps remain, Yet ‘pon the desert sand. Whilst yet a child did Bahira foresaw A glorious destiny was Thine, And thou grew up faithful to thy call, That has been proved by Time. The throne was there yet e’er […]

A Lost Hope

by Amna Gohar (Late)   A whiff of hope, a flicker of light, I glided, I gloated, I flattered, I floated, I tried to hold it all. A moment of joy, a twinkle of mirth, I sang, I danced, I capered, I pranced, I tried to live it all. A tinge of bliss, a hue of glee, […]


by Amna Gohar (Late)   A lone tear, How funny it was. A blackened heart, and sooty soul, All soaked in sins. And there I was, At His gate. Weeping, Crying, Wanting to be let in. He opened His arms, What an embrace it was! Me? No! I felt ashamed. I cried, He was close. I cried […]