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Dated: Saturday, April 11, 2020

Date:   11.04.2020     

Consent Form for CAIE 2020


Dear Parents,

Assalam o Alaikum!

As per your knowledge, the CAIE O & A level examinations have been cancelled worldwide in May/June 2020. In this regard, we seek your consent on the procedure through which you like your child’s progress to be graded. We currently have 2 options;

1. Re-register for the next CAIE exam series in Oct/Nov 2020.

2. Send evidence of the student’s performance for his / her grades. The detail of the evidence includes;

  1. Class copies
  2. Solved Assignments / Google Classroom Assignments
  3. Class test answer scripts
  4. First Bi-Monthly, Second Bi-Monthly, Third Bi-Monthly & Mid Term record.
  5. Past CAIE Record (if any)



Hira Foundation School (PK727)

Consent from Parents

Kindly reply to this letter, mentioning whether you would like to go for Option 1 or Option 2, as mentioned below;

Option1: Re-register for next CAIE exam Oct/Nov 2020.

Option 2: Send evidence of my child to the CAIE for grades.

G.R. No.
Student Name:
Parent / Guardian Name:

Please send your consent at by Monday, 13 April, 2020 or submit at School Office between 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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