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Dated: Thursday, May 9, 2013

[headline]By: Uzma Naeem [/headline]

Education describes itself as a process of training and developing the knowledge,skill,mind and character . So people are said to be educated, when they undergo the entire process of learning and proving themselves not only with academics and daily life matters but also on macro issues of politics and social welfare. But when these educated people are confined in boundaries and does not enjoy the right of freedom of speech then education becomes worthless not only to the people but also to the society in three major ways;  people are unable to express their ideas, gap between state ( government) and public and injustice would prevail in the society.

Loss of freedom of speech would First result in the problem that the people would be unable to Express their ideas. This would lead to lackness of strategy and creative planning from people of different industries. And given this situation, any betterment in the existing plans would be out of the question. And so one has to keep the old, worn – out system running. And therefore Such an old system would bring no change and no improvement to the society. And hence the ultimate effect On the society would be hindrance in development.

Refraining society from freedom of speech, would result in widening the gap between the state and the people.As the educated people are not allowed to come up with their point of views,this will leave the state or the government unaware of what the people of their country actually want. Not only this but the educated,capable and competent people would then feel handicapped when they are not in a position to use their abilities and knowledge as they want and this will bring frustration in them.And when such brilliant educated people are frustrated then they will not work for their and this will result in reduction of chances of growth.

Last but not the least, lack of freedom of speech will root injustice in the society.People will not have the right or the courage to come up and face the culprits incase of fraudulent activities etc. This will bring the society in such a state where money can buy fairness and might is considered as right instead of  right is right. Such factors will therefore leave the society in a state of confusion and problems.

To sum up,lack of freedom of speech actually takes away the main purpose of education.As what the education actually gives to people,which is something people must by using their knowledge and creativity takes into account for their decisions on a larger-scale.

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