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Grade 1E – Assembly Presentation

Qirat by: Ansab Ali

Hadith by: Abdullah KhanRayyan KhanSyed Mohammad HaaziqHassan Haroon

Garden of Good manners:
Ma sha ALLAH! All the students were flawlessly prepared. They showed garden of manners by holding colourful hand made flowers on which the manners were written. They came forward one by one and showed that flower to the audience and told about each manner clearly and confidently.

Garden: Abdullah Asif


Naat: Fatima Javed


A group of students read the poem “ I am a Muslim”. Through this poem they conveyed the message that every Muslim says Bismillah before starting anything and Alhamdulillah when in the end.

Later, they recited morning prayer, Asma ul Husna and National Anthem with full zeal and enthusiasm. The assembly ended with dua of Kafarah e Majlis.

Ramsha Qayum Grade 1
Muhammad Imran Usmani
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